Which Omega-3 is
Right for You?

Life Support Omega-3

See Yourself Well
Professional Omega-3

See Yourself Well Professional Liquid

See Yourself Well DHA Essentials


150 Capsules
(1 gram)
90 Capsules
(1 gram)
(237 Capsules)
120 Capsules


$39.99+ $37.99+ $68.99+ $37.99+


Double Concentration

Twice the Omega-3 of Health-Food Grade Fish Oil

IFOS Certified Toxin-Free

Third-party International Fish Oil Standards

Rapid Absorption Formula

Ideal for Heart Health

Easy to Take Large Amounts
& Conceal in Food


Proprietary Enteric Coating

For Sensitive Stomachs: Prevents "Fish Burps"

Ideal for Pregnant & Nursing Mothers

High in DHA for Baby's Rapidly Growing Brain

Ideal for Children up to 5, and the Elderly

High in DHA to Support Optimal Cognitive Function